My Teachers Pay Teachers Journey

My Teachers Pay Teachers journey has been a year long adventure.  I set a goal last summer to open my store within a year.  I was working on products throughout the year and testing them out with my colleagues.  Collecting feedback and improving the products as we went along.  Then Covid happened and we were shut down.  My Initial thought was that I was going to have some extra time to work on improving my products and continue creating but this was not to be.  I was so busy with creating videos, worksheets, and Zoom conference lessons that I had no time to work on creating products.  I did not start creating product until the last month of June and did not finish until the first week of August.  

The process and steps involved in creating a product that you plan on selling is much more tedious due to the amount of details you need to pay attention too along with all of the add-ons you need (Terms of Use, Directions, Flattening & Securing, Videos, Descriptions, Images, & Marketing). 

While I was creating my products I decided to attend the TpT Forward 2020 Conference so I could ensure that I was putting out the best product I could possibly make for teachers.  It was my first virtual conference with TpT and the amount of information I learned was invaluable.  It felt like I had covered every possible part of being a TpT seller.  I learned so much from all of the presenters.  

I have since attended the 2021 conference as well.  I enjoyed both conferences and always take away valuable information that always helps me improve my product line and make valuable products for teachers and students. If you are planning on creating products for TpT I highly recommend attending the conference this year.  You have a month to watch the videos and can go at your own pace.  Well worth the investment.  

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